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Japanese Restaurant in Palm Jumeirah Experience Tokyo street food set in Dubai's iconic skyline

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  • Alcohol
  • Alfresco Seating
  • Happy Hours
  • Food to share
  • Outdoor seating
    Average price for 2 • AED 300
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Spirited Away Ladies Night

  • Hanami , Andaz Dubai The Palm

Valid Till 31 Dec 2023

Maki Night

  • Hanami , Andaz Dubai The Palm

Valid Till 31 Dec 2023



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I visited The Hanami, located in Andaz by Hyatt in Palm Jumeirah. I had a wonderful experience with an amazing view, atmosphere and the great ambience. You can have a cozy night with some wonderful drinks ( I chose non-alcoholic). The outdoor seating is really amazing, you cannot get over the vibes there. Loved it.

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Bobo 2 years ago

The ambience of the place is lovely. The location is spectacular. You get a view of Burj Al Arab and of the palm! You get to see yachts beneath you. It’s fantastic and there are many lovely drawings indoor of Japanese traditions. The logo is nicely put in the front! I also love the fact that our source of light was real fire (it was covered in glass, so no fear) but it also made us feel warmth since the weather was cold, when we went. The service is clean, fast and amazing. Sometimes you have to wait for awhile until someone comes outside, but they come outside often. Sometimes, they appear the moment you just thought of something and other times you have to wait 2 minutes or so. Overall, it’s quick. Also, they are very nice. I’d say it’s a problem that they didn’t provide tissue at the beginning, from themselves. Nonetheless, when we asked, they brought a reasonable quantity. Also, they are friendly and care for you. So, I asked for ice in my cup, but the waiter told me the water is already cold, as he was looking out for me, but since I said that I still want it, he brought it for me. I like that he didn’t object greatly or tried to get his way. He was balanced, in that he wants to alert me that the drink is cold already but didn’t push his way that I cannot have ice because he thinks it’s cold already. Also, both the waiter whom primarily served us and the waitress were nice and she also helped in bringing things for us, when he wasn’t in sight. I like places that have this kind of harmony and aren’t squared in that « this isn’t my role, so I won’t do it ». Places like Hanami, with flexible waiters and waitresses, make you happier and enjoy your time. Also, I like that they asked for whom you want the « fork and knife » instead of bringing more than required. I love that they had a napkin already placed above the plate, for fast use. They had chopsticks readily place and the soy sauce in its jar with an empty small bowl for you to drip the sauce there, if you wish. Starters: Torimomo Katsu: the softest bread I have ever tasted, probably, in a long time or in my life. I don’t know and it doesn’t matter much. It’s soft, like a french toast softness. I want their bread for all my dishes, even at home 🤤! The chicken is extremely delicious, it is tender, soft and crunchy! It is fresh. We both enjoyed this dish. Maki Rolls: Spider: it looks tempting, delicious and incredible, but the taste, not so much. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t incredible, either. I wouldn’t mind eating it, but there was something about it that just didn’t click (don’t ask me, I don’t know what is it). We both would agree that we won’t order it again and rather try other options. Nonetheless, i like the crab hands/legs or whatever they are called, on top of certain pieces. Personally, I like having part of the seafood piece appear on top of the sushi (my partner, doesn’t) [it’s about preference] Ebi Tempura: fantastic. Yes, it doesn’t look as appealing as « Spider » but it was certainly delicious! Everything was well-put together. It’s magnificent! I could eat it all day! We both loved this dish, as well. (Though, as I mentioned earlier, since I like having some parts of the seafood on top of the sushi, I wish they did the same with this piece [that doesn’t mean I will not order it again]). Dessert: I just want to note that I was scared of their dessert to not be delicious because they were all new things and it’s like taking a risk. Nonetheless, it’s a risk worth taking! Also, I like trying new things and I am happy that we weren’t disappointed Hanami: the combination is incroyable! You need to mix them all together. Some pieces were fine alone, but since I’m not a huge fan of citron on desserts, I’m glad that it is to be eaten with everything else. Also, the matcha sponge is unbelievably good! I didn’t expect it to be delicious, I really didn’t, but it was among the pieces that you can eat alone and will not regret it. Also, they prepared for the birthday celebration properly! Thank you, Hanami team, for the wonderful experience.

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Conceptually edgy and atmospherically lively, Hanami is a setting where people want to be seen. It’s somewhere you can have dinner, share small dishes with friends or enjoy a cocktail while soaking in a cosmopolitan vibe. Hanami is a venue that is aesthetically beautiful, and one that blazes a social trail on Dubai’s dining and nightlife scene.

  • Outer deck area
  • Open kitchen
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Live Pizza oven
  • Smoking
  • Teppayanki
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarians
  • Alfresco Dining
  • Food Sharing
  • Private Dining
Good For
  • Al Fresco dining
  • Brunch
  • Casual dining
  • Celebrations
  • Cocktails
  • Sundowners
  • Relaxed Dining
  • Romantic dinners
Dining Options
  • Ala carte dining
  • Brunches
  • Dinner
  • Group Dining
  • Late nights
  • Private gatherings
  • Quiet Dinner
  • Takeaway
  • Weekend brunches
  • Japanese

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